How to Install Window Grids

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 75-150
What You'll Need
Tape measure
Window grid
Push pin

Window grids are designed to give you a classic look to your window, as if you have individual panes. Window grids come in a variety of styles, colors and materials. Follow the simple steps below to effectively install your own window grid.

Step 1 - Measure

To begin, measure the exact dimensions of your window. Measure from the inside of the window frame from one edge to another and write down the dimensions to the smallest fraction of an inch that you can measure to. You will use this information to determine which size window grid will best suit your needs.

Step 2 - Get the Window Grid

Once you have the appropriate dimensions, you need to purchase the grid. You will find various options available, but your decision should be influenced only by your preference.. You could get a wood window grid that attaches to the inside edge of the window frame. You could also get a PVC window grid that attaches to the window itself with adhesive, clips or tape. Some window grids come in pre-cut sizes, while others allow you to cut the material to the size that you need and put it together on-site.

Step 3 - Cut the Window Grid Pieces

If you have a type of window grid that is already cut to the appropriate size, you can skip this step. Otherwise, you need to cut the grid pieces to fit in your window. If you have PVC window grids, you should be able to cut them with scissors. First, measure out the appropriate size on one of the pieces, and then mark it with a pencil. Once you have the size marked on the piece, you can cut through it with the scissors.

Step 4 - Assemble the Window Grid Pieces

You may need to assemble the window grid pieces to form the grid. You may to attach the plastic, nylon or metal connectors to the ends of the grid.

Step 5 - Attach the Grid

Finally, you need to attach the grid to the window. If you have connectors on the ends of the grid pieces, you can attach them to the window frame. If you are using a PVC window grid, you will need to attach it to the glass itself. To do this, you can spread an adhesive on the window grid or you can use double-sided tape to attach it.