How to Install Wire Shelving: Part 1 of 2

Wire shelving is a versatile way of building additional shelves in your closet. You can make them any size you need, just follow the instructions below so you too can install wire shelving in your home. Here are the directions, as well as a list of tools and materials you will need:

Tools and Materials

  • Measuring tape
  • Stud finding gadget
  • Pencil or marker
  • Leveling tool
  • Hack saw (if needed)
  • Drill
  • 1/8 inch bit
  • 3/8 inch bit
  • Wire shelving pieces
  • Side brackets (should be in your shelving kit)
  • Safety gloves
  • Safety glasses

Step 1 - Measure Closet

Use a measure tape to note the length, width and height of the closet you plan to put the wire shelving into. After you are done, take the pencil or maker and draw a level line 48 inches from the floor of the closet. Use the leveling tool to ensure it is straight. This is where your shelf will sit, so make sure there is enough room under it to hang whatever clothing you may want using the wire openings. Wire shelving is unique because you can hang hangers from each opening or just use the top portion as a normal shelf.

Step 2 - Take Markings

It is very important to locate the wall studs so your wire shelving can be affixed sturdily to the wall and not fall down, so use a stud-finding gadget to ensure you know where they are. Mark the studs with your pencil that is nearest to the 48 inch mark you drew earlier.

Step 3 - Measure Wire Shelving

Measure the wire shelving you have purchased at any home improvement store of your choice to make sure it fits in the closet. Mark the place on the shelving to match the length of the closet shelf space it will fit into using the measure tape.

Step 4 - Cutting Shelving

If the shelving isn’t the correct size to fit in the space you planned, then you will have to use the saw to cut it to the proper length. To do this you need a hacksaw. Be careful while you are sawing off the extra inches of wire shelving. Safety gloves and glasses would be a good idea to use at this time to prevent injury.

Step 5 - Attaching Wires

Take the sidewall brackets for each of the wire shelving pieces and attach them to each side of the wire shelf. Use the screws or other fasteners that came with your shelving pieces. Make sure the brackets are firmly in place before going on to the next step in the process.

Step 6 - Placing the Shelving

After the brackets are in place, lift the shelving unit up to the level line you first drew in the back of the closet. Make sure that the shelf is completely lined up as straight as possible on the line. You must be able to hold the shelf in place so it can be attached to the wall in the next step.

This concludes Part 1 of How to Install Wire Shelving. Please go to the next section to see Part 2 for the rest of the installation instructions to put up your wire shelving in your closet.