How to Install Wiremold

Wires in a pile.
What You'll Need
Measuring tape
90-degree connectors
90-degree L connectors
I connectors

Wiremold is a plastic molding which is designed to be attached directly to the wall with wires hidden inside of it. The main purpose of wiremold is to conceal wires in an attractive manner in situations where it is not possible to run the wire in any other fashion.

One of the most common applications for wiremold is installing speaker wiring for a surround sound system in a home where there is no basement and attic access is not available. For floor situations, there are also floor wiremold strips and wiremold outlet strips for running wiring to an outlet.

Step 1 - Measure the Run

Use a measuring tape to measure out the distance of the entire run you will be making. Count how many bends you will make and if you will need to make a 90-degree turn. If the wire is going around from one wall to the next wall, you will need a 90-degree L connector. To go up or down from the current level you will need a 90-degree connector. If you have sections which require two or more wiremolds to be in a line, you will also need an I connector to join them together.

Step 2 - Get the Right Wiremold

When selecting the type of wiremold you will use it is important to consider the number of wires you will be concealing inside of it. The smallest is ¼ inch. This will hold one standard low-voltage wire comfortably although you may be able to get two in. The 1.5-inch wiremold is the largest available at most hardware stores. This wiremold can hold 5 to 7 low voltage wires. Buy enough wiremold for the length of the run you are making. Include two or three additional sticks to account for mistakes. Also get the appropriate number and types of connectors for the job you are performing.

Step 3 - Install the Wiremold

Wiremold comes with preattached double-sided adhesive tape. There is a thin strip of plastic over this. Peel this plastic off. Line the wiremold up at the height you wish for the molding to be placed at. Gently attach the wiremold to the wall keeping it straight. Do not apply any pressure to it yet. Place your level on top of the wiremold and verify that it is straight. Adjust it as necessary. Once it is showing up as level, apply firm pressure to it until it is tightly sealed to the wall.

Step 4 - Run the Wire

Wiremold can be split at either the top or button depending on how you placed it. Take a small screwdriver to help you peel the edges apart and push the wire inside. When the wire has been run, push on the wiremold to close it back up.

Step 5 - Finish the Job

Install the 90-degree L connectors, I connectors, and 90-degree connectors to the wiremold where they are needed. They simply snap in place directly over the wiremold.