How to Install Wood Closet Shelving Systems

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Wood Screws
Shelf Rails
Shelf System
Closet Bars

Installing a closet shelving system will allow you to easily organize your closet. Wood shelving systems are simple to build, and add more value to your home over some of the pre-assembled plastic and vinyl organizers available. It will take a few hours to install, but with some basic household tools, this can be a great weekend project that will add convenience and comfort to your living space. 

Step 1- Decide On Organization

Completely empty out the closet, and determine what kind of storage you need. A shelving system with no cubbies or closet bars won't do a lot of good, if you need to store shoes and hang items in the closet. Measure the area inside the closet, and use graph paper to create a rough sketch of the type of system you want to install. You don't need it to scale, this is just to give you a rough idea of how much room you have for placement. Now, use the tape measure and start measuring out where you are going to install the shelving and other items, and mark these in pencil on the wall. 

Step 2- Purchase Your Supplies

With your measurements in hand, you can purchase the supplies you need. If you are creating a shelving system from scratch, you can have your local lumber yard cut the wood for you. It may cost you a little more, but will save you from needing to saw and cut at home. Make sure you get all the rails, closet bars or wooden dowels, screws, and mounting blocks you need.

Step 3- Install the Rails

The rail system is what you will place the shelves on in the closet. If you are creating your own, you only need 2 small strips of wood running along the length of each side of the shelving system. You can create holes for pegs to place the shelves, or install blocks for shelves that will have heavier items. If you can screw the rails into a stud, you will have extra security. If not, use brackets under the shelves, to add more strength.

Step 4- Install Cubbies

If you are going to create any cubby holes, for shoes and miscellaneous items, you can install these now. Most people choose to use shelves with cubbies, for more versatility. You can add sides to the existing shelves for this, or build your own cubes and install them. You will use the same method for this. Attach these to rails and screw them in to the back of the closet wall.

Step 5- Install Rods

Now you can start to install your rods. You can find circular shaped hardware similar to what you have in your bathroom for the shower rod. Install 1 of these on 1 side of the closet, insert the dowel or rod, and then install the hardware on the other side. Before you tighten it down, stand back and make sure it's level.