How to Install Wood Lap Siding around a Garage Door

What You'll Need
Hand Gloves
Safety Goggles
T-Bevel Tool
Electric Drill
Power Miter Saw
Chalk Line
Building Paper
Roofing Felt
Metal Flashing
Lap Wood Siding
Galvanized or Stainless Steel Nails
Folding stair or Step Ladder

Wood lap siding around a garage door looks best if it matches the siding of the house. To install wood lap siding and enhance the overall look of your home, here is what you need to do.

 Step 1 – Get the Area Ready

Wear the necessary personal protective equipment, such as hand gloves and safety goggles. Get the materials and tools ready. Clear the surroundings from unnecessary items or furniture. Release the garage door and let it settle to the ground. Unplug the automatic opener to keep the door from opening accidentally. Strip the walls from any debris or previous wall siding.

 Step 2 – Wall Preparation

Cover the wall with approved building paper. The cover should be smoothed across the surface. Apply metal flashing around the garage door to ensure water won’t get in. Trim the excess paper. Apply roofing felt over the studs. This will mark the location as well as provide seal to the nail shanks against moisture.

 Step 3 – Lay-Out and Installation

Mark the guide spots using a water level. If there is an existing lap siding around the house, the lap siding around the garage door must coincide with the existing lap siding intervals. Snap a chalk line to get the exact level that can be your base. Make measurements by how wide the exposure of the lap siding should be. This exposure is the width of siding which is seen on the outside. Also check if a lap siding can rest full-width on top of the garage door. From there, you can adjust how much exposure is needed to balance the number of sidings to cover the whole area. After establishing the areas where you want to install your laps sidings, you may nail temporary guide poles on the areas where you want to install the siding.

Step 4 – Trimming

You will need to trim the inside corners to make your lap sidings look neat. To trim the inside corners, cut the corners and nail it properly. After trimming the corners, install all trim pieces around the garage door and make sure that you cover all the necessary areas. To strengthen the sidings, you need to install a starter strip at the bottom. See that the starter board is level by using the marker pole. Drill holes into the lap siding to prevent any cracks. Drive nails along these holes. Install the succeeding boards, looking for the exact position using the marker pole. The bottom part of the upper board must rest on top of the lower board. Use a step ladder to reach overhead installations. Use a T-bevel tool to note the exact fit where the sidings reach the eaves. Trim the boards before nailing to get the exact fit.

     Step 5 – Finishing Up

    Caulk moisture-prone portions, such as side cracks. Set aside any used tubes of the caulking materials and dispose of them properly.