How to Insulate a Metal Garage Door

What You'll Need
Polyurethane Foam Sheets
Garage Insulation Kit
Utility Knife
Straight Edge
Pencil and Tape Measure
Double Sided Adhesive Tape
Rubber Gloves

A metal garage door can be insulated to prevent freezing temperatures or scorching heat from accessing the inside of the garage. It also prevents outside noise from entering the garage room or internal noise from disturbing the neighbors. This project will save a lot of energy and money as well.

Step 1 – Determining What Insulation to Use

A metal garage door can be insulated using different materials such as foam and fiberglass. While fiberglass has good insulation value, it has potential health hazards just like asbestos. Therefore, two foam insulation methods are discussed below for safety reasons. One way is to use polyurethane foam sheets and the other is to use a garage insulation kit. The method will depend on the do-it-yourselfer. Just remember that the garage insulation kit already has all necessary materials needed for the insulation process.

Step 2 – Obtaining Materials

Measure the dimensions on the individual panels on the garage door, get the total area and use this value to determine how many foam sheets are needed. Purchase as many foam sheets as necessary and do not forget to include double-sided adhesive tape. When opting for an insulation kit, make sure the kit has enough foam to cover all panels in the metal garage door.

Step 3 – Installing Polyurethane Insulation

Take a sheet of foam and transfer the dimensions of the panel into it. Add at least 1 inch to each side to create a good snug fit into the panel.  Using a straight edge as a guide, trim the insulation sheets to size with a sharp utility knife. Cut at least 4 pieces of double-sided adhesive tape and position them evenly on the surface of the door panel. Tuck the insulation foam into the panel. The foam will flex a bit to make the installation a lot easier. Press the foam firmly until it gets attached to the adhesive securely. Follow the same procedures for all panels.

Step 4 – Using the Kit for Insulation

The insulation kit contains ready-made insulation foams, adhesive, rubber gloves, retainer clips, and other accessories. Take out the materials from the package and make sure all parts are present. Wear rubber gloves during installation for protection. Transfer the dimensions of the panel into one of the foams and add one inch to each side.  Cut the foam to size and prepare the panel for insulation. Using a pencil, divide the panel vertically into two equal boxes. Locate the center of each box and mark it. On both centers, place the adhesive. Tape half of a retainer clip into each adhesive strip and tuck the foam into the panel. Allow the retainers to pierce through the foam and attach the other halves of the retainers. Follow the same procedures with the other panels until all panels of the metal garage door are insulated completely. Inspect each panel to make sure that the foams are secured nice and tight.