How to Iron a Fitted Sheet

person ironing
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner

Fitted sheets can be as pesky to iron as they are to fold so these simple steps tell you how to iron a fitted sheet properly.

Step 1 - Start in the Corner

Hold one elastic corner in your hand and pull it up over the small end of the ironing board. Start on one side of the corner and gently iron it with medium heat from the elastic to the corner point of the sheet. Then, slide the corner over and continue ironing from the edge to the corner point until you have ironed one entire corner of the fitted sheet. Repeat this process on all four corners.

Step 2 - Move to the Middle

Next, iron the middle part of the sheet, adjusting its position on the ironing board as you go along, gently ironing any elastic edges you come to. You can turn up the heat on your iron to medium-high and use steam to remove any stubborn wrinkles.

When ironing a fitted sheet, start with the corners and iron them gently. They’re never going to be perfectly flat so your aim is to remove any wrinkles from the elastic edges.