How to Iron a Karate Gi

What You'll Need
Karate Gi
Ironing Board
Spray Bottle

The Karate Gi is the most essential martial arts gear for the karate practitioner. It signifies his commitment to the art in being as traditional as possible. The Karate Gi is a loose fitting martial arts uniform that does not restrict movement and adds to the fluidity of the art. The Gi is made up of a pair of pants and a loose fitting top.

One of the most important tasks associated with a Karate Gi is that is is kept clean and pressed. This should be done after each time the Gi is worn. The crisp lines of the Gi after it is ironed adds to the presentation that the student is required to show.

Step 1: Set up Iron and Board

Set up the ironing board in a place where you will have a lot of room. This will help you iron your Gi much better instead of just trying to move around objects. After you have set up the ironing board, pour water into the water reservoir on the iron and turn it on. Make sure the iron is set to the right temperature setting. If you do not get it hot enough it will not iron the Gi correctly. However, if you have it too hot, it will leave scorch marks on the Gi. Let is set for two minutes to reach its temperature before using.

Step 2: Start With Pants

Lay the Karate Gi on the ironing board one leg at a time. The leg should be spread out over the entire length of the board with one portion hanging freely. Lay the iron gently on the Gi and move it from side to side down the length of the leg. For harder wrinkles move in a circular motion. Spraying some water on the pant leg will create steam which will also help to get out hard wrinkles. After one leg is completed, repeat with the other. Hang them on a hanger, folded at the seams, to keep them from wrinkling.

Step 3: Iron Shirt Portion

Once the pants have been hung up, take the upper portion of the Karate Gi and lay it flat on the ironing board. The top portion is a little more difficult as it has an opening, but if you take your time and make sure it is laying flat, there will be no problems.

Stretch one arm out on the ironing board and move the iron across the length of it. Start at the shoulder and work way down. Turn Gi over and lay flat lengthwise down ironing board. The Gi should be open with the sides hanging down. Iron the back of the Gi with wide sweeping motion.

Move Gi to one side and iron that portion. Once completed move the Gi to the other side and iron that portion of it. End with the other sleeve the way you started the first. Once the Gi is ironed, hang it in a closet to keep the Gi straight and wrinkle free.