How to Iron a Marine Dress Uniform

  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100
What You'll Need
Ironing board
Measuring cup

A Marine dress uniform is the usual uniform that is worn on formal occasions. Often called "dress blues" because of the dark blue pants that are a part of the uniform, these uniforms are also adorned with the medals and military honors the wearer has received. Military etiquette observes that whenever the Marine dress uniform is worn, it is freshly laundered and pressed. Ironing the Marine dress uniform involves certain steps to take to make sure everything is uniform and consistent.

Step 1: Assemble Your Materials

Gather up your ironing board and iron along with the other materials you need. You do not want to have to stop your ironing to have to gather up something that you didn't get when you started.

Step 2: Set up Ironing Board

The most important part of setting up your ironing board is to make sure you have plenty of room all the way around it. A lot of people will set up their ironing board in a very cramped area. This makes ironing your Marine dress uniform much harder and less efficient.

Step 3: Pour Water in Iron

Pour water into the iron with a measuring cup. This is not so much for knowing how much water is in your iron, but to make pouring it in easier. Use a measuring cup with a spout and carefully pour into the water reservoir on the iron.

Step 4: Turn Iron On

Using the selector on the iron, turn it on and set the temperature to high. This will usually be called the cotton setting. Stand the iron on its end and wait for it to get to temperature.

Step 5: Iron Shirt

Start with the shirt and turn it inside out. Lay one sleeve out on the ironing board so that it is flat. Iron th sleeve with a few strokes of the iron and then spray some starch onto it. Give it two more strokes of the iron. Repeat with the other sleeve.

Divide the shirt into three equal parts and iron the creases into the shirt. Spray starch into the creases to keep them crisp and clean.
Flip the shirt over and continue to spray with starch as you define the creases to make them crisp. Also, remove any other creases to make the presentation of the shirt clean, flat, and firm. Place on a hanger after ironing.

Step 6: Iron Pants

Start with one leg straight on the ironing board. Turn it inside out and lay sideways to create a seam going down the front of the leg. Repeat with the other pant leg. Turn the pants around and iron the front and rear of the pants above the legs to keep them flat. Place the plants on a hanger with the shirt along the seams. This will keep the pants straight and the seams crisp before putting them on.