How to Iron a Rayon Shirt

What You'll Need
Rayon shirt
Dryel, or similar dry cleaning product
Ironing board
Thin, clean cotton cloth

The rayon shirt is a very common dress shirt used by the professional man. While the collar may say "dry clean only," many people don't have the resources to have the shirt dry cleaned every day. In these cases, it's a good idea to know how to iron a rayon shirt.

Step 1 – Use a Home Dry Cleaning Product

Because a rayon polyester shirt doesn't respond well to being washed, make sure to use a dry cleaning product such as Dryel. Simply toss the shirt and a few other dry cleaning garments in the dryer with the dryer sheet, and run on low heat.

Step 2 – Iron the Shirt

The best way to iron your rayon shirt is to use a low setting on the iron. The iron will most likely have a setting for rayon or polyester. Flip the shirt inside out and cover with a cotton cloth. Press the iron over the shirt with wide sweeping motions, using lots of steam in order to get rid of all wrinkles.

Step 3 – Hang the Shirt up

Once you've removed all of the wrinkles from the shirt, flip it right side out and immediately hang it up to prevent any new wrinkles from forming.