How to Iron a Tuxedo

What You'll Need
An Iron
A Tuxedo
An Ironing Board

Knowing how to iron a tuxedo is a useful skill to have, especially if you want to make a good impression at any formal event. Ironing a tuxedo makes it look crisp and sharp, and is something you can perform yourself without needing to call the professionals and spend extra money. Follow these steps to make your tuxedo look as good as new each time you put it on!

Step 1: Wash the Tux

The first thing you want to do is make sure your tuxedo is clean. There is no point ironing a tuxedo which has been stained and is not fit to wear anyway. Also, if you iron a tuxedo that has stains on it from before, you run the risk of pressing those stains into the tuxedo fabric and making them a permanent part of the suit. Check the instructions on the label of the tux to know how exactly to go about cleaning it. You will probably have to get it dry cleaned or professionally cleaned.

Step 2: The Pants

Start with the tuxedo pants. You want to turn them inside out before starting ironing. This way you won't run the risk of damaging the outer fabric of the pants. Adjust the heat setting on the iron based on the type of fabric. For instance, wool should be ironed on medium heat, polyester and other synthetic material on lower heat. Start at the waist and move down, doing the legs one after the other, with special care given to the cuffs.

Step 3: The Jacket

Next, move to the jacket. Normally the jacket and pant material will be the same, in which case you can use the same setting on the iron. Place the jacket face-first on the ironing table. Cover the back of the jacket with a thin layer of cotton or linen, and gently dap down with the iron in sections. You don't want to slide the iron across the jacket fabric. Keep using water to create steam as you go along.

Step 4: The Shirt

Before starting, remove any cuff-links, and unbutton the shirt. Set the iron to high heat. Apply water to the shirt using a spray bottle or heated water until it is damp. You want to press down hard with the iron during the ironing process. Start by turning the shirt inside out. Start with the front. Iron the torso, the sleeves, the shoulders, and the cuffs. Then turn the shirt around and iron the back, working from the bottom up.

Turn the shirt the right side out, and re-iron the sleeves to make creases in them. Iron the front and the back of the shirt again as well.

Step 5: The Tie and Cummerbund

It is important that the tie be well ironed - an unironed tie makes the whole outfit look bad. If you have a regular tie, lie it on the ironing table, dampen it, and dab it with the iron like you did with the tux jacket. The cummerbund should be treated the same way.