How to Iron a Wool Suit

What You'll Need
Wool suit
Ironing board

The wool suit is the standard business suit worn by professionals. Knowing how to iron a wool suit will help you to save a lot of money on dry cleaning bills. You simply need to take some time maintaining it and be careful while wearing it in order to get your suit looking the way it did when you first bought it.

Step 1 - Start With The Jacket

In order to iron suit jackets, you will first need to wash it on a cold water setting. This is best done in a washer without an agitator. If you have an agitator, wash the jacket alone with copious amounts of water. This will prevent the agitator from damaging the jacket. When the cycle is done, immediately pull the suit from the machine. Hang it up as you prepare to iron your suit.

Step 2 – Ironing the Jacket

Remember, you are not looking to iron wool dry. Turn your iron to the setting below wool. This is because you will be ironing from the inside of the suit and you do not want to damage the lining. Iron your jacket as you would a shirt hang up as soon as all wrinkles are gone.

Step 3 – Iron The Pants

Ironing the pants is the same as the jacket. You will turn them inside out to get rid of all the wrinkles.

Step 4 – Finish With A Good Crease

The only time you will iron the outside of the pants is to make the crease.  This will be accomplished with a cotton cloth between the iron and the pants. Make sure to match the color of the cloth in order to keep from ironing in lint to your clothes.