How to Iron Drapes

What You'll Need
Ironing board
Clean cotton sheet

Knowing how to iron drapes will help you to save a lot of money on cleaning services. Many people are afraid to iron drapes because of the size. Armed with the right knowledge, you can iron your drapes quickly and easily at home.

Step 1 – Steam the Drapes

The best way to get out wrinkles in a set of drapes is to use a steamer. The weight of the drapes will pull the wrinkles free as soon as the steam's heat loosens the fibers. Simply wave the steamer slowly in front of the drapes, until there are no more wrinkles.

Step 2 – Prepare Ironing Board

If you can't afford a steamer, all hope is not lost. Place your ironing board sideways in front of a table. As you wait for the iron to heat, make sure the table is clean and clear of any dirt, water or debris. Set the iron to the material the drapes are made out of.

Step 3 – Cover and Iron

Unless you are ironing cotton curtains, you will want to cover the material with a cotton sheet and iron through it. This will prevent any shiny spots from forming on the fabric. Start with the top of the drape on the ironing board, and the rest of the drape in a pool at your feet. As you iron, push the material on to the table. When you're done, hang them up immediately.