How to Iron Flat Front Pants

Ironing flat front pants creates a vertical crease in each leg only to the bottom of the zipper placket. Use these tips to press casual or flat front dress pants.

Press Above the Pant Legs First

Open the zipper of the flat front pants, and slide the pants onto the ironing board's narrow end from the waistband to the bottom of the zipper placket. Press the entire waistband, including belt loops, turning the pants around the ironing board. Press beside the zipper from the waistband toward the pant hems. Press inside the pocket facings. Turn the pants to the right side seam and press it down smoothly. Continue around the rear of the pants, pressing down all pocket edges and flaps, and press down the left side seam.

Press Pant Leg Creases

Remove the pants from the ironing board. Match the inseam and outseam of each leg at the hem, and lay the pants on the board with the pant legs together. Press the front crease into the top pant leg, then the rear crease, then press the seam. Fold the pressed leg back over the waistband. Press the lower pant leg, front crease first, back crease, then the seam. Press the creases again on the opposite sides of each pant leg.