How to Dry and Iron Viscose

bunched-up pink viscose fabric
What You'll Need
Ironing board
Clean Viscose shirt
Clean, cotton cloth

If you want your viscose clothing to last and look wrinkle-free, you need to know how to properly iron these garments at home. Luckily, it’s easy to do when you have the right tips and tricks. Follow the quick steps below for the best results.

Step 1 – Wash Your Shirt

To begin, you should start with a clean shirt. Whether you wash your clothes traditionally in a washing machine or handwash them, it doesn't matter. However, do not put the shirt in the dryer, as the material does not respond well to high temperatures. Instead, transfer the shirt immediately to an ironing board. It will be easier to iron damp viscose.

Step 2 – Preheat the Iron

Plug in your iron and set the temperature gauge to “rayon.” If your iron does not have a rayon setting, it may have a setting called “silk,” or “low.” Make sure to turn off the steam function before continuing.

Step 3 – Iron and Hang

Viscose does not respond well to direct heat. Instead, place a cotton cloth over the shirt before ironing it to avoid shiny material or iron spots. Iron the garment quickly and swiftly. Lift the iron frequently to check the status of the wrinkles. When the shirt is free of wrinkles, hang it up to let it continue drying.