How to Join Foam Crown Molding Pieces

What You'll Need
Foam-Safe Adhesive
Paint Brush
Utility Knife
Tape Measure
Straight Edge

Foam crown molding is a way of enhancing your interior decoration. Crown molding fits around the top edge of your walls to create an attractive feature and split the ceiling from the walls.

Step 1 – Preparation

Measure the length of the piece you will need. Do this by measuring the length of the gap from one wall to the other. Measure the length of the foam crown molding, and cut pieces to fit.

Step 2 – Fitting

Cut a forty-five degree inside angle joint on both ends of the first piece of foam crown molding. One end will go into the corner and match up with the corresponding piece coming out of the same corner. The other end will be the join to the next piece.

Step 3 – Joining

Cut the second piece with a forty-five degree to match and meet with the first piece. This will create a slip joint, which will slightly overlap to hide the join better than a straight cut.

Step 4 – Adhesive

Spread adhesive onto both edges where the join is, and attach them. Spread more adhesive onto the back edges so that the piece can adhere to the wall and ceiling.