How to Jump Your Golf Cart Motor

What You'll Need
Emergency jump start kit
Heavy work gloves
LED flashlight (optional)
Adjustable wrench
Rubbing alcohol

Playing 18 holes of golf on a warm day is a great way to relax, but that relaxing outing can be marred by a golf cart motor that will not start. If you're a golfer, you know that a dead golf cart on the back nine is no fun. You may also use a golf cart as a leisure vehicle. Many towns in South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina and other southern states have a profitable and lucrative golf cart market. The weather is usually decent enough and the terrain flat enough that owning a golf cart is more economical than a regular car. If this describes you, a stalled golf cart motor is even worse. If you leave your golf cart to find someone to help you, it could be gone by the time you get back. The article that follows will show you how to properly start a stalled golf cart motor.

Step 1 - Check the Ignition Wires

A golf cart is pretty much a riding lawn mower or go-kart. The vehicle typically has a jerky start-and-stop motion, and you are most likely taking it over less than perfect terrain. When this happens, the ignition wires can become unseated and the golf cart motor simply will not turn over. Before wasting your time jumping it, always look for the ignition wires as the cause.

The ignition wires should be connected to the solenoid. Make sure the wires are still connected. If you find corrosion on the wires, you can wipe it off with a towel. Make sure you use your gloves. Seat the ignition wires and tighten their connections. If the golf cart still does not work, you should check the battery.

Step 2 - Check the Battery Connections

Look over the battery to make sure the connections are properly seated. If not, you can adjust them until they are. Also check for corrosion on the cables and the contact points. Make sure the motor is turned off and you are wearing your gloves. Golf cart batteries all contain battery acid. Use the wrench to move the contacts around. Use the towel dipped in rubbing alcohol to scrub away corrosion.

Step 3 - Jump the Golf Cart Motor

With all of the wires seated correctly and corrosion removed, you can now jump the golf cart motor. The emergency jump start kit has a self-contained battery, so you do not need another golf cart or vehicle to be present. You can later charge these batteries for subsequent use.

First attach the red clamp to the positive of the battery. Next attach the black clamp to the negative. Now attempt to start the golf cart motor. If it starts, leave the emergency jump start kit attached for at least 30 minutes. If it does not turn over, wait about 5 minutes before you attempt that start again.