How to Keep a Paint Roller Fresh Between Painting

What You'll Need
Tennis ball can
Warm water
Large cloth
Some plastic wrap

There are many ways you can keep a paint roller fresh between different painting jobs. There can be nothing worse than wanting to get a large amount of painting completed and not having a fresh roller to use. You must keep the roller damp in order for it to stay fresh and ready for use.

Step 1 - Wash and Clean Can

Take a long circular can, such as the type used for storing tennis balls, which can be used to easily store your paint roller. Wash the can with some warm water and soap. Swirl the water around until the can has been thoroughly cleaned. Wipe away any soapsuds with a damp cloth.

Step 2 - Store Roller

Take the paint roller end off of the handle and fit it inside the damp can. You may even be able to fit 2 paint rollers in the can if it is large enough.

Step 3 - Seal Can

Seal the can tight by clipping the lid back on. Also, use a small amount of plastic wrap to place over the lid. This will stop any air from getting inside and drying out the roller. This method will keep your paint roller moist and ready for use.