How to Keep Blue Car Paint from Fading

A blue car.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-50
What You'll Need
Car wax
Car cleaning compound
Acrylic paint
Paint sprayer

With blue being such a popular car color, knowing how to prevent blue car paint from fading is important in keeping your car looking its best. By following some car maintenance steps, you can keep your car’s blue paint looking just as it should.

Step 1 - Repair

Any damage to your car’s paintwork can be the start of larger problems if they are not repaired. Prevent cracks in the paint due to dents and other damage from fading the car’s paint by repairing it the moment it is noticed. Sand down the site of damage to remove rust or to smooth an area where paint is peeling. You will then be in a position to apply primer as a base coat for the paint and to protect the metal. Once this has dried, apply as many layers of paint as necessary to get it to the same level as the surrounding paintwork.

Step 2 - Clean

It is important to clean your car on a regular basis to stop blue car paint from fading. This should only ever be undertaken with cleaning compounds that are designed for the purpose of cleaning a car, rather than any other type of equipment. Rinse the car with clean water before beginning any cleaning to dislodge loose debris that could otherwise scratch the paintwork. You will then be able to clean the car using an appropriate cleaning solution. Start at the roof and gradually work your way down as dirt tends to accumulate at the base of the car. This will prevent dirt from being transferred back up the car.

Step 3 - Wax

Waxing your car as part of the process of looking after the paint can help to prevent blue car paint from fading. Some car accessory stores will supply wax compounds that are specifically made for enhancing blue car paint and these should be sought, if possible. Wax should only ever be applied after the car has been washed.

If the car is already in good condition, applying the wax by hand will be sufficient to offer the paintwork some protection against UV rays and pollutants in the atmosphere. In the event that your paintwork has been affected by minor scratches, using an electric buffer to apply the wax can help to rectify these as well as to protect the paint. Work the buffer in a uniform manner to apply the wax evenly.

Step 4 - Shelter

Blue car paint can fade if it has to be left out in the open for long periods. Not only is it caused by UV rays and the metal bodywork being heated up by the sun, but also by chemicals in the atmosphere from traffic or factories. Reduce the problem from occurring due to this cause by parking in the shade wherever possible. At home, make use of your garage or a covered carport if you have one or use a car cover if it is necessary to park in the street or in the driveway.