How to Keep Scorpions Out of Your Home

large black scorpion on a hand

Arid regions are home to scorpions, who come into your house looking for water and a cooler environment. Follow these suggestions to keep these poisonous crustaceans out of your home.

Start on the Outside

Clear away low shrubs and leaf debris near the house, and sweep out dried garden mulch to remove nesting places for scorpions. Scorpions can give birth to 30 offspring at a time. Get rid of any standing water outside the house, and shut off the internal water pipe to your garden hose spigot every night. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the foundation at locations where you have seen scorpions.

Seal Your Home

Insulate and seal around doorways, baseboards and electrical outlet covers. Weatherstrip windows and ensure screens are intact.

Eliminate Scorpions' Food Supply

Clear your house and garden of any insects like crickets, cockroaches, fire ants fleas, flies and others. This is among the most effective deterrents to scorpions.

Keep Floors Clean

Piled-up newspapers or clothes on the floor provide ideal nesting places for scorpions.

Dust Ceiling Light Fixtures Regularly

Dust inside ceiling light fixtures to remove scorpions and the other insects they eat. Spray inside the fixture with insecticide if you have found scorpions in it.

Check Your Footwear

Always check your shoes before coming in the house, and scrape off any scorpions attached.