How to Kill Weevils Safely in Your Home

A small bowl of oats with a pile of oats beside it.
What You'll Need
Plastic gloves
Plastic bags
Vacuum cleaner
Common, disinfectants like kitchen cleaners
Sponge/paper towels
Plastic bucket and water

Various kinds of weevils are found in garden spaces, feeding on crops and a variety of plants. However, some weevils will get inside your home and will hide inside your walls and windowsills, or will feed on stored food items like flour, rice, oats, or other grains. Using chemical sprays to kill these weevils may seem like the easiest choice but they are not the ideal solution.

For starters, since rice and granary weevils are endemic to food sources, using chemicals raises the risk of the food becoming contaminated. Further, these sprays are a health hazard, particularly if there are young children and pets in the home. Therefore, you should be equipped with some basic knowledge about killing weevils in a comprehensive, yet safe manner.

Step 1 - Get Prepared

Once you have confirmed weevil infestation in a part of the house, prepare to vacuum it. Equip yourself with a basic, protective gear like a mask and plastic gloves, and close all doors and windows of the room. Then, empty the infected food product into a plastic bag.

Step 2 - Vacuum

Weevils start scampering in all directions when they feel threatened. Therefore, it is vital that you are ready with your vacuuming device before approaching the infested site. Start vacuuming immediately and ensure that you scoop away the escaping pests. If your contaminated food is stored in a wooden pantry or cabinet, tap hard on the sides. This ensures that any weevils residing in small crevices are also removed.

Step 3 - Clean

Gather the vacuumed weevil debris and the infested food items and pack them in new, sealed, plastic bags. Dump these bags, and then follow this with a thorough cleaning of the vacuumed site. An infested area usually has hard-to-see chemical traces that can attract weevils in the future, so prepare a cleaning mixture with some water and your basic kitchen/washroom disinfectant solution.

Spray the solution over and around the infestation site and scrub it. Wipe down with a sponge afterward. Ideally, repeat this cleaning part at least once every day for the next two days to eradicate all weevil residues.

Step 4 - Weevil Prevention

You should also take some basic precautions to ensure that weevil infestation does not repeat itself. This can be easily done by taking some hygienic measures. Ensure that all dry grains are stored in tight-lid containers; plastic and paper bags are generally inadequate for storage. Also, try to keep food items in the freezer if they need long-term storage. This is because cold temperatures are a natural deterrent to weevils.

Ensure that all scraps of food in the kitchen and around the perimeter of your house are cleaned up on a daily basis. You can also place washcloths soaked with vinegar around sites that show signs of repeated weevil infestation. Vinegar has properties that turn away these pests.

If you follow these steps as instructed, a weevil infestation shouldn't be a problem. They will be long gone before you know it.