How to Kill Centipedes in Your Home

While centipedes are are not particularly dangerous, you probably don't want them living in your home. Centipedes eat other bugs, including bedbugs, roaches and spiders, but their presence can still signify unsanitary living conditions. They are easy to kill and eliminate, and they live and work alone, not in groups. Following are some easy tips on how to get rid of centipedes in your home.

Step 1: Clean Your House and Avoid Dampness

When you clean your house and get rid of many insect pests, you will eliminate the source of centipedes' food. This means they will leave the area, too. 

Centipedes don’t like dry atmospheres, but rather prefer and thrive in moisture. If you clean your damp closets and basements and use dehumidifiers, centipedes will dry up and die.

Step 2: Use Tape

Try placing sticky tape in all the places where you have spotted centipedes. Put it in corners along floorboards, and you will be surprised to discover all the hidden insects you capture. Not only will your house clear of these unwanted insects, but it will also discourage the centipedes from frequenting your house because there will be no bugs to eat.

Step 3: Using Insecticides

Apply powdered insecticide in all the places where you suspect a centipede might be hiding, like cracks in walls, basement corners, under furniture and other moist places in your home. Discourage the bugs from entering your home by coating and soaking the bottom few feet of your house with a residual insecticide spray like Talstar. Seal off the foundation of your home with a strong spray, and keep reapplying for continuing protection. Seal any cracks around doors and windows, and spray the whole area with insecticide.

Step 4: Seek Professional Help

Keep in mind that insecticide is only a temporary solution. If you don’t keep a strict watch on keeping your home clean of bugs and free from damp, centipedes will pay you a visit again. Sometimes you might need to get the help of professional pest control people to help get rid of this menace. They have the right knowledge and will spot the centipedes nest and get rid of it with the proper equipment. Remember unless the centipedes breeding ground is not identified and destroyed, the problem will persist. Only ask the professionals assistance if you are sure the home remedies did not work because you will be paying a handsome amount for their services.