How To Kill Flying Bugs

What You'll Need
Fly swatter
Newspaper or Magazine
Fly strips
Hair spray
Insect Sprays
An exterminator, if necessary
Bug zappers

Bugs are a nuisance especially when they buzz around the head. There will always be a certain amount of problems with bugs so it is necessary to find ways to alleviate the issue somewhat. 

This can be done in a multiple number of ways and not all of them will be acceptable for everyone. This article will cover some of the simplest ways in which to handle this problem. 


Step 1: The Fly Swatter

Fly swatters are the old stand-by. They can be found in a variety of colors, sizes and designs. Swatters are used by people to physically hit flies in order to kill them. 

Step 2: Newspapers and Magazines

If a fly swatter is not available, it is a quick and easy task to roll up a newspaper magazine to swat the flies with. Try using old copies as a front page covered in dead flies will make you immediately unpopular with other family members! 

Step 3: Fly Strips

This is the method that takes the least amount of time. Simply hang the strips wherever flying bugs are a problem. The sticky substance on fly strips traps the flies so that they cannot fly. They soon die. Throw out the strips at the end of the bug season and replace at the beginning of the next influx. 

Step 4: Hair Spray

Simply spray the flying bugs with hair spray to kill them. The stickiness makes it impossible for them to fly. Throw the bug away and then wipe up the sticky areas. 

Step 5: Other Sprays

Pesticides in spray cans can also be used. There even are organic choices. Spray these directly on flies to kill them or in the general area of the flies that you want to exterminate. Once dead, the flies can be swept up and the area cleaned. Any nests can also be removed. 

Step 6: Bug Zappers

These are best hung outside and are fairly easy to install. Bugs fly into the lights and are killed. There are no chemicals used with this method. Simply install batteries and let the zapper work its magic. 

Step 7: Traps

Traps can be used when it becomes necessary to get rid of yellow jackets. These traps are non-toxic so they can be used inside and out. Set them up wherever yellow jackets are invading and throw away when the trap is full. 

These traps can be used to trap any flying insect. Simply use the appropriate type of bait for the bug that needs eliminating. 

Step 8: The Exterminator

When dealing with an extreme infestation of a harmful insect, such as wasps, it may be necessary to call an exterminator. He or she will be able to take care of the problem in no time. Find out when it will be possible to clean the area up once the exterminator has finished. 

No one wants to be bothered by flying insects if at all possible. While it is highly unlikely that you will get rid of flying bugs all-together, it is possible to lessen the problem significantly.