How to Kill Moles Quickly and Effectively

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What You'll Need
Anti-mole gel
Gas bombs
Gas tubing
Mole traps
Human traps
Permit for mole trap

Moles are a common pest that affect people's lawns all over the world. These small mouse-like animals live in tunnels under your grass, and by eating and tunneling as they will, they not only make your lawn look a mess but they also damage your grass. It can be a challenge to get rid of these critters, but we're here to help! Read on for advice and solutions that might help you.

What Do Moles Do?

Moles are small animals which like to make themselves at home in your vegetable plot and lawn. Moles eat the roots of grass and snack on root vegetables. This kills off plants and vegetables and will also cause depressions in your lawn. The grass will often be very bumpy as a result of them burrowing the soil out from under it.

Killing Moles

There are a number of different options available for killing moles and preventing them from coming back. None of these options are guaranteed to be successful, so you must try and find out how well these will work for your situation. It's also important to keep continuing your pest control techniques beyond the initial extermination to prevent them from coming back.

How to Kill Moles Quickly

If you're serious about killing moles, then you will need to do so quickly and painlessly. There are actually lots of different techniques to choose from, as there are many different solutions and products on the market which can kill moles and stop them from ever returning.


Anti-mole gel is a powerful poison which is attractive to the moles. It is fast-acting, very effective, and it is supplied in syringes that make it easy for almost anyone to use.

Try and find active mole tunnels and mounds before using this gel so that you know where to concentrate the poison. Then, put the syringe down the hole and press a little of the poison into each one. The moles should find this poison and be dealt with pretty swiftly.


Another popular option is using gas; this isn't often considered as being humane but it is still effective. You can either use gas bombs and drop them down the mole hills, or you can kill them with carbon monoxide poisoning by connecting a tube from your car exhaust and ramming it down one of the holes. You will want to check that this is legal in your state as it isn't legal everywhere.

Killing Traps

Find an active tunnel and dig a section of it up. Then, place a mole trap in line with the tunnel which will allow the moles to pass through. These traps are very powerful and will try to break the neck of the mole when they try to pass through the tunnel. You will then need to dig the traps up and check them regularly to dispose of any dead moles. Exterminating them with this method can take a long time because there will be more than one mole in your garden, and you will have to dig up the trap each time a new one is caught.

Alternative Solution

You don't actually have to kill moles, however, if you'd prefer not to; there are a number of other options. For instance, you can trap moles using humane traps instead, and then release them somewhere that they won't cause you any harm.