How to Kill Slugs and Snails

Slugs are a nasty pest that can destroy your plants. Fortunately, killing snails and slugs is simple, as long as you can track them down.


Slugs and snails need a cool, damp place to hide during the day. You can take advantage of this need to build simple snail or slug traps.

Pull out any weeds around your garden, and remove anything you that you think a slug could hide under, like flower pots or flat rocks. Place something near your garden that slugs can hide under, such as a pie tin or a board. If you use something light, make sure to weigh it down with a rock so it doesn't blow away. Put some bait under it, like dry dog food. All you have to do now is wait, and every morning you can turn it over and kill every slug and snail in your garden, either with a sprinkle of salt, or by stepping on them.

The Beer Method

Snails and slugs will seek out stale beer if you offer it to them. However, if the beer is in a deep container, they will drink, get stuck and then drown. Use a disposable cup rather than a pie tin for this reason. This method may attract other animals that will drink the beer, so don't use it a second time if all of your beer disappears.