How to Knit Covers for Your Throw Pillows

What You'll Need
2 skeins of yarn
Yarn needle
2 sewing needles US 7
14-inch throw pillow

By knitting simple covers for throw pillows you can create new personalized accessories for chairs, couches and beds. Yarn is available is an so many different colors and textures that your are limited only by your imagination. You will be assembling your throw pillow cover in two pieces and then stitching them together once the pillow is inserted.

Step 1 - The Pattern

To start the cover for your throw pillows, you will want to gauge the starting point which will be 20 stitches, and 26 rows, for every 4 inches across, using alternating stitches. You will knit right side rows, and purl the wrong side rows. This will keep all the loops out of sight once you assemble your decorative pillows. Purl is the term used to describe the inside of the work, the part of the piece that is not visible unless turned inside out. This is where stitches are hidden in all types of sewing.

Step 2 - Stockinette Stitch for 1 Inch

The stockinette stitch consists of an alternating knit row and purl row as you go along. You will cast on 70 and work an inch in stockinette. This pattern is going to continue row after row as you see more of the piece come together for your throw pillows.

Step 3 - Garter Stitch for 2 Inches

The first inch is in stockinette style stitch, which should then change to a garter stitch for two inches. A garter stitch is done by knotting or purling every row as you go. Your throw pillows will reveal the result of these stitches in a textured appearance once they are completed.

Step 4 - Alternate the Stitches

You will then alternate between the two stitches for the remainder of the work, by going 3 inches stockinette stitch, and then 2 inches of garter stitch. You can use this technique to cover throw pillows or shams and add a unique sense of color and texture to any room in your home.

Step 5 - Finish the Rows

Continue with stockinette for another 3 inches and switch to garter for 2 more, and finish the row with an inch of the stockinette again. Once you reach the end of your row, bind off and weave the ends to prevent unraveling and freedom when moving to the next row. You will want to block your two finished pieces to measure 14 inches square, use your pillow as a gauge for sizing your work as you go.

Step 6 - Sew the Pieces Together

Once you have done this and made two 14 inch pieces, figure out which sides and textures you like the most and place them together. Use your working yarn and yarn needle to sew the two parts together on three sides. Once completed, insert your pillow and then sew the remaining side shut. You now a have a new and colorful addition to your living room, den or study.