How to Know if a Battery Charger is Working

With so many different types of batteries and chargers out there, it can be difficult to tell whether or not your battery charger is working. Use the following tips to help you figure out if your charger is effective or if it might be time to replace it.

Types of Battery Chargers

There are battery chargers for computers, cell phones, cars and regular batteries, among others. Some chargers work by hooking the battery up to the charger and others work by placing the battery inside the charger.


The first thing to do when troubleshooting a battery charger is to listen. Often times, with a charger that has life left in it, you will be able to hear a very slight motorized humming when it is plugged in. This is not the case with all chargers but it is one way to test for positive energy.

Another way to test for possible flaws is to purposely run down a battery, such as a camera battery, and then plug it into the charger. Trying to charge a dead battery should bring some response from the battery charger. This might be indicated by a light or a needle of some sort.

Do not continue to try to use a battery charger that has no indication of life left in it.