How to Lay Brick Around a Mailbox

What You'll Need
Point-ended spade or turf cutter
Measuring tape, carpenter's square to create right angles
Concrete aggregate paving bricks / edgers
Crushed brick chips in a contrasting color to the pavers
20 lb bag of white sand
Polymeric sand to fill between pavers and sand scoop
Rubber mallet

Protect your mailbox from erosion and frost, and make it a decorative complement to your landscape with a brick border at its base. Follow these instructions to enhance your mailbox with its own brick border.

Step 1:    Choose Brick and Stone that Coordinate with Your Home

If you have already landscaped your yard and garden with retaining walls and brick edgers, you should have leftover material ready to use for your mailbox border. If not, choose a brick color that matches your primary exterior wall color. Use an aggregate of concrete and granite to withstand wear, as people will walk on the edgers daily to deliver and retrieve the mail.

Step 2:    Lay Out the Design

Select a regular shape:  rectangle, square, circle, hexagon or octagon, or sketch an abstract form. Choose the pavers that will work for you to create this shape. Lay it out in at least a 6-foot diameter around the mailbox.

Step 3:    Prepare the Ground

Dig away the outer edge of the border from the mailbox post. Measure its depth so only about 1 inch of the pavers will protrude above grade. They will settle into the soil in future seasons. Dig out all roots, twigs, rocks and other unwanted debris. Watch for TV and hydro lines - call before starting your project.

Step 4:    Dig the Channel for the Paving Bricks

Place the paving bricks around the perimeter so they touch tightly together. Use the point-ended spade or the turf cutter to dig into the soil at the inside edge of the border to form the channel where they will lie. Move the bricks aside, and finish excavating the channel. Level the bottom of the channel smoothly, and put 1/2 inch of white sand in the bottom.

Step 5:    Set the Paving Bricks in the Channel

Set the paving bricks one at a time into the channel. Use the rubber mallet to tap them sharply on the interior edge and on the exposed long edge to ensure they are snugly aligned with the next brick.

Step 6:    Add Polymeric Sand

Scoop the polymeric sand out of the bag and fill any gaps between the bricks, and between the bricks and the interior of the surround. Use the broom to push the sand in, and sweep away any excess.  This special sand will stabilize the layout and greatly reduce the growth of weeds between the brick pavers.

Step 7:      Prepare and Fill the Interior Up to the Mailbox Post

Dig away the turf inside the paver border, clearing any unwanted material. Lay down a layer of white sand, then a layer of polymeric sand. Level by sweeping lightly with the broom. Pour in brick chips. Fill to the mailbox post and smooth out to the top of the brick pavers.