How to Lay Brick Pavers around a Patio BBQ Grill

brick pavers being laid
  • 12-24 hours
  • Beginner
  • 700-2,900
What You'll Need
Landscape fabric
Garden rake
Masons string
Garden hose
Rubber mallet
Retaining edge for brick pavers
Wet saw
Work gloves
Safety glasses
Estimated For 320 sq ft.

A house that offers great outside family entertainment should also have a patio made out of brick pavers that surrounds a BBQ grill. An exceptionally aesthetic guest friendly yard will blend the beautiful concept of the brick patio with the party functionality of a barbecue grill by paving around the barbecue pit so that the grill becomes part of the brick patio itself. If you mesh the two together it is advisable to use the same pavers and pattern as your patio if you already have one.

Step 1: Measure BBQ Grill and Surrounding Area

Measure the dimensions of the BBQ grill and the surrounding area you want the pavers to be. Use yellow twine held up by stakes or a garden hose to outline the area. You will keep this outline for when you begin to lay the paver bricks. For now, the outline will be used to create your drawing plan.

Step 2: Make a Plan

Make a scaled drawing of your barbecue dimensions and the surrounding area you want the brick pavers laid with graph paper and the dimensions you gathered in step 1. Each square of the graph paper can equal a square foot or two. It is best to keep the scale in even numbers for easy calculation.

Use this plan to determine the number of bricks and the number of materials to be used. A good rule of thumb to use is to add 5% to the square footage of the area surrounding the BBQ grill.

Step 3: Install the Foundation

Dig up the grass using a garden spade and shovel. The depth will be 6 inches more than the width of the brick paver. Your slope should be 1 inch for every 4 feet. Be sure it goes the same way as its surroundings for proper drainage. Level the foundation with a plate compactor.

The base will be gravel, just like a patio, to give the BBQ grill area a long and solid life. The landscape fabric should completely cover the foundation and be spread 4 inches high. You can use a garden rake. With a hose, wet the gravel and press with the compactor.

Step 4: Place the Brick Pavers around the BBQ Grill

You will want to start by laying the first layer of brick pavers completely around the BBQ grill. Work your way outward. Use a rubber mallet and tap the bricks into place after placing five or so. This will help ensure a level ground. Continue until you have reached your determined area marked by the yarn or garden hose.

Step 5: Place the Edge Restraints

This step will keep your brick pavers held into shape for years. The material of the edge restraints will be plastic, steel, or aluminum. The restraints will be held into the ground with 12-inch spikes.

Step 6: Coat the Brick Pavers with Sand

Pour fine sand all over the newly placed brick pavers. Sweep the sand into all of the cracks. The sand will fill the spaces between the bricks and will keep them in place. Be sure the sand is dry. Finally, sweep the sand away if all the cracks are filled.