How to Lay Bullnose Counter Tiles

What You'll Need
Tile saw
Straight edge
Thin set
Grout float

Bullnose counter tiles are also called finish end tiles and they are used every time the tile ends before the counter surface. Such tiles have edges that are rounded, giving a finished appearance to the counter. If you are using ceramic tiles, the edges have additional glazing to keep the clay composition of the tile from showing through.  

Step 1- Making a Dry Layout

To make sure that your bullnose tiles are trimmed accordingly, lay them next to the tiles that you are going to install.

Step 2 – Marking the Bullnose Tiles

For Bullnose tiles that should be cut, mark the measurements using a straight edge and pencil. Cut with a tile saw accordingly and lay them next to the tiles again to test for proper fit.

Step 3 – Laying the Setting Material

With the use of a trowel, lay a small amount of setting material on the counter surface. Spread it with the teeth edge of the trowel so that the tiles will bond better.

Step 4 – Setting the Tiles

Press the tiles firmly into the mortar to set the tiles properly. Make sure that they are laid in the pattern that was used on the dry layout.

Step 5 – Grouting the Tiles

After curing the thin set for around 24 hours, apply grout on the entire surface of the counter. Make sure that all gaps between tiles are packed with grout by using a grout float.