How to Design a Half Bath

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Bathroom furniture guide

If you are designing a half bath, you need to plan carefully in order to get the most from the small space. The half bath is a common design in guest rooms; it must be small yet very useful. Prioritize elegance and sophistication in the design.

Step 1 - Consider the Size

Determine the exact dimensions of your half bath before going any further. Use a tape measure to record the necessary angles.

Step 2 - Look at Furnishings

Consider what you need in the bathroom. Will it be a toilet, sink, and shower, or do you plan to include a large bath? Read bathroom furniture catalogues to find small items that still look classy. Consider a pedestal sink, which can be fitted into tight corners.

Step 3 - Draw a Layout

Once you have the furniture and plans, you will be able to draw a plan. Cut shapes for all the furnishings and place them onto the plan. You can adjust them to find the best fit.

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