How to Lay Porcelain Slate Tile Easily

Lead Image
  • 10-60 hours
  • Advanced
  • 7,000-20,000
What You'll Need
Waterproof membrane
Wood counter battens
Nu-Lok installation system
Nu-Lok porcelain slate tiles
Nail gun and galvanized nails

While the Nu-Lok Slate Installation System has revolutionized the porcelain slate tiles business for roof, it is an installation method usually best left to the professionals. If you want to tackle it yourself, the process is quite straightforward as explained here.

Step 1 - Lay Waterproof Membrane

After the plywood sub-roof has been laid, lay down the waterproof membrane per local building codes. The Nu-Lok System is installed directly over standard waterproofing membrane. Include counter flashing and other preparations as required for hips, valleys, and all roof openings. Have the waterproof membrane inspected and approved by local authorities.

Step 2 - Install Counter Battens

With a nail gun and galvanized nails, install wood battens (counter battens) at a 90-degree angle to the roof eave (peak). Lay the battens the entire length of the roof at 12 inches on center.

Step 3 - Install Galvanized Battens

Attach the galvanized battens perpendicular to the wood battens (and roof peak) installed in step two, using galvanized ring-shank nails and a nail gun. Install the galvanized battens starting at the gutter line (bottom of roof) and on 12-inch centers to the eave. The galvanized battens run the entire length of the roof.

Step 4 - Install Link Channels and Porcelain Slate Tiles

Attach stainless steel clips to the link channels on the ground before passing the channels to the roof. The link channels are locked into the galvanized battens installed in Step three, one horizontal row at a time. The porcelain slate roof tiles are locked into the stainless steel clips on the link channels. The channels are placed such that each tile is supported by two link channels, one channel on each bottom corner of the tile. Install each row of link channels as you move up the roof.

Step 5 - Roof Hips and Valleys

If your roof has hips and valleys, there are very intricate steps that must be taken to assure waterproofing of the roof. It is neither quickly nor easily completed. Be aware that installation of porcelain slate roof tiles in these areas is complicated.