How to Lay Stepping Stones in a Concrete Walkway

What You'll Need
Stepping stones
Concrete mix or metal mix
String line or laser level
Measuring tape
Wheel barrow or concrete mixer
Steel mesh

Stepping stones add visual interest to a concrete walkway. In fact, when the stones are arranged in various designs and patterns they  can improve the curb appeal of your home and increase the value of your home. You can purchase the stepping stones for your concrete walkway from your local home improvement store. This renovation project is very inexpensive and you can finish it in one weekend.

Step 1 – Taking Measurements and Selecting Stepping Stones

Measure your walkway using the measuring tape. Calculate the amount of concrete mix and cement you will need. If you are not sure about this, you can take the measurements to your local garden or home improvement supplier and they will calculate it for you.

Stepping stones are available in a number of patters and materials. You can take your measurements to your home improvement store and they can help you with the selection process as well. Keep in mind that the less expensive stones are made of concrete.

Step 2 – Prepare the Area to Lay the Concrete

The next step is to prepare the area where you will install the stones. Using a shovel, remove the excess soil from the ground and create a bed to lay the concrete and stepping stones. Remove all the grass and stones and make sure the ground is almost level. You do not have to use a spirit level for this. You can make sure there are no deep holes in the ground.

Place the steel mesh on the prepared ground. Make sure it covers all the area.

Step 3 – Mix the Concrete

Use the metal mix and cement to make a concrete walkway that is 5:1. This means that you need to add five parts of metal mix to one part of cement. Then, mix it using water. The mixing can be done in two ways. It can either be done manually in a wheel barrow, using a shovel. Or, you can mix the concrete mechanically, in a concrete mixer. Either way, the mixed concrete should be used within two hours.

Step 4 – Position the Stepping stones

Now, you can pour a layer of concrete on the walkway. Tie a string line to place all the stepping stones at the same level. Then, place the stepping stones in the concrete. After placing each stepping stone, use a spirit level to check if they are at the same level.

Step 5 – Pour the Rest of the Concrete Mix

You can fill the gaps in between the stepping stones with concrete mix. Make sure you do not move the stones. If there is any concrete on top of the stepping stones, clean it using a damp towel. Also, you can level the top of the concrete walkway using a trowel.

Once the concrete is dried, the stepping stones are fixed in place. To finish, you can also paint the concrete walkway with an outdoor paint.