How to Layout Curving or Irregular Walkways

What You'll Need
Spray chalk
A spade
A measuring tape
A tamper
Crushed stone
A brick saw
A broom

Constructing curved walkways can seem like a difficult home improvement job. A great deal of patience, effort and attention to detail are necessary to create an aesthetically pleasing and professional looking path.

Step 1 – Marking the Walkway

Choose the plan for your new curved walkway. Mark the path with your chalk. Be sure the pathway has the same width throughout.

Step 2 – Digging the Walkway

Turn a six inch depth of the sod along the outer edges with the spade. Use a shovel to remove the sod inside the area.

Step 3 – Compacting the Soil

Visit a local rental shop to rent a tamper. Use the tamper to compact the soil where the pavers will be laid.

Step 4 – Laying the Walkway Base

Lay a two inch thick base of crushed stone over the compacted soil. Use the tamper to compact the stone. Lay another layer of two inch stone and compact it. Layer a third layer of two inch stone and compact it as well.

Step 5 – Laying the Pavers

Lay the pavers for the curved walkway, beginning at the middle of the path. Follow the design you planned for the pavers. Leave a half inch space between each of the pavers.

Step 6 – Cutting the Curved Pavers

Use the brick saw to cut the pavers that will fit the curves of the walkway. Place the pavers into the walk way first. Mark a line on the paver where it will need to be cut. Remove the paver and make the necessary cut to it.

Sep 7 – Finishing the Walkway

Lay all of lthe pavers into the walkway. Pour sand over the pavers. Use a broom to sweep the sand into the spaces.