How to Level Slate Pool Tables

Leveling slate pool tables can be a fairly simple task depending on the type of table you have. For example, some pool tables have a plate at the base which you can turn and unscrew to bring the table higher or lower. If your table does not have this part, you can easily level it by putting a wood shim under the legs. Examine your table to determine if it sits on a plate or legs. You don't want to pay someone to do a job that you can do yourself in 20 minutes or so.

Tools and Materials Required for the Project

  • Wood Shims
  • Carpenter’s Level
  • Cue ball (or any billiard ball)
  • Marbles
  • Small Piece of Window Glass

Step 1: Level Test

Before you do anything to your slate pool table, make sure that is really is tilted. One way to find out is to get a carpenter’s level and put it on all sides of the table.

Step 2: Insert Wood Shims

Now that you have determined which side or sides need to be leveled, get a couple of friends to help you out. Have them lift the side of the table that needs to be leveled. It is very important that they do not lift the table from the top. It could damage the surface of the table and it could detach from the base. Have them lift the table from the base. This way, the whole weight of the table is properly supported and this will not put pressure on the top of the slate pool table. When the table has a little clearance from the ground, insert a wooden shim under the leg or base. This should level your pool table fairly well.

Step 3: Re-Check Level

With the wood shims properly and securely in place under the table, check the level of the slate pool table again. If it’s still not perfect, adjust the shim until it is.

Step 4: Roll Test

Once your carpenter’s level gives a perfect reading, do a roll test to see that the table is level all around. Roll a billiard ball on any portion of the table and carefully watch how it rolls. The ball should roll straight and not veer off to any side. If you see any irregularities on how it rolls, your table may still need some adjusting.

Step 5: Marble Test

Another way to test the level of your table is the marble test. Simply put the piece of flat glass on the middle of the table and carefully place the marble on the middle. If the marble rolls to any side, take note of this and that is the side that still needs adjusting. This is applicable to all slate pool tables.