How to Locate Your Wall Studs

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  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 1-160
What You'll Need
A magnetic or electric stud finder

If you're currently searching for the studs in your home's walls, there are several different methods of locating them. Fortunately, each of these methods, are simple and highly effective and can be successfully performed by do-it-yourselfers of any skill level.

Step 1 - Tap Your Walls

For those of us who don't have access to either an electric or magnetic stud finder, the old-fashioned wall-tapping method is the way to go. Using your fist, tap on your home's walls and listen intently for a solid sound. This type of sound usually indicates the presence of a wall stud.

Step 2 - Use a Magnetic Stud Finder

If you have access to a magnetic stud finder, begin this step by running the device across your wall of choice and wait for it to indicate the presence of a wall stud. This type of stud finder will locate metal studs, as well as metal construction materials that secure other kinds of wall studs in place.

Step 3 - Use an Electric Stud Finder

An electric stud finder, which measures a wall's density, is arguably the best tool for locating wall studs. If you own this type of stud finder, run it across your wall of choice and wait for it to make a sound that indicates the likely presence of a stud.