How to Locate the Drain Hole in a Hot Tub

a small hot tub in a backyard
  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 1-400
What You'll Need
Submersable pump
Drain line
What You'll Need
Submersable pump
Drain line

A hot tub can be a wonderful way to relax and unwind but sometimes you have to figure out where the tub drain is located to perform maintenance. It is possible to service your own hot tub if you know what you’re doing. Whether your hot tub is located inside or outside, drainage is vital. You may need to drain the water for cleaning, when you need to fix something inside, when you move it, or if you are preparing to winterize the tub. The worst case scenario is to hand bucket the water out—this is certainly a poor option. A good drain will save you time and will make maintenance on your hot tub much easier. Experts say that you should drain your hot tub roughly every 4 months. A good drainage system will make easy work of this.

Step 1 - Understand the Drain Hole

The drain in the hot tub drains away from the water when you empty it. You can often find the controls in the cabinet.

Some hot tub manufacturers will have a water hose connection inside the cabinet. This will allow you to hook a standard water hose to it and allow the drainage to go somewhere safe and appropriate, be it outside, a sink, or to another drain.

Step 2 - Drain the Hot Tub

If you are on a slab, you can accomplish a permanent drain by digging in your concrete and building a drain system. You would need a plumber to run proper sewage lines to your hot tub. Unless you are doing any other major plumbing work, this is a very expensive route to take. The concrete will need to be torn up, possibly for a long way to meet up with your existing sewer line, piping laid, and the concrete replaced.

If you are installing on a deck or a balcony, it would be easier to run a new drain line through the wood and out to the existing line.

Another option is to get a small submersible pump. You can use this to pump the water out of the hot tub but you will still need a drain for the water to go down. You can use a long hose and direct the water where you want it to go; outside, a sink, or anywhere else where you can safely direct the water. You will find, though, when using a pump, the last few inches of water are nearly impossible to get so you will have to remove it using buckets or towels.

Step 3 - Check the Hot Tub

Check your hot tub to see if it has a hose connection in the cabinet. If it does, as many do, you can simply utilize it by attaching a garden hose and, as stated before, drain the water someplace appropriate. The water has chemicals in it so be mindful of where you let it run outdoors. You are better off draining through an existing drain in your home.