How to Lubricate a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

touching a ceiling exhaust fan

Knowing how to lubricate a bathroom exhaust fan is knowing how to maintain the biggest obstacle odors have, which is a good thing for any bathroom user.


First, turn off the power in the main circuit breaker. Then, remove the fan’s covering. If paint is covering any screws, do not be afraid to chip it off. Now, remove the motor, but note to support the fan so that it does not fall. You may need the help of another person to perform a safer application of lubricant.

Afterwards, disconnect the power supply to the fan that may be plugged into a nearby socket. Next, remove any wiring connecting the fan, but write down where each wire went or take pictures for reference so that you can reconnect them smoothly.


Before you lube you must clean the motor or contaminants will stick to the lube and create problems. You can use anything from a toothbrush to a vacuum cleaner to clean the area. Then, remove the fan’s blade and wash it with soap. Afterwards, you can oil the fan.

First, find the point where the shaft is holding the motor and clean that area. Then, put in a few drops of number thirty oil on both ends of the aforementioned shaft sticking out of the motor. Then, swivel the shaft and cleanup any excess oil. Allow all parts to dry before you put everything back the way it was, turn the power back on, and test the fan.