How to Maintain a Clay Paver Driveway

What You'll Need
Mild detergent
Scrub brush
Clay paver stain remover
Clay paver sealer

Clay paver driveways are natural looking, unlike concrete, and fairly inexpensive to create. Pavers comes in several sizes and styles which can be laid out in various designs. A clay paver driveway adds a lot of charm to the home, which can translate in to home equity. One of the best features of this kind of driveway, is that they are incredibly easy to maintain. The pavers are easy to replace, clean and reset. Even though they are easy to maintain, they can, over time, have issues. The most common issues involve the pavers becoming dirty from substances such as gas, oil and other chemicals found in your vehicles. They will also fade and become dirty, with more natural debris. The article that follows will share with you how easy they are to maintain.

Step 1 – First Cleaning

The easiest maintenance you can do for your clay paver driveway, is to rinse it off with plain water. First, use the broom to sweep off any accumulated dirt and other debris. Make sure you get the broom into the grooves and crevices of the pavers. Once you have swept the driveway, hose it down with an ordinary garden hose.

Step 2 – Caked on Dirt

Dirt can accumulate and set easily on a clay paver driveway. You can remove this dirt by scrubbing the driveway with mild detergent. After the driveway has been swept and hosed down, fill a bucket with warm water and a few drops of detergent. Scrub the pavers with the brush, and allow the soap to sit for several minutes. Then, rinse the soap off with the garden hose.

Step 3 – Stains

Gas and oil are the most common stains that you will find on your driveway. Purchase a cleaner that is specifically meant for clay pavers. Since these cleaners can vary in strength, you should always follow the directions on the cleaner for its use and removal.

Step 4 – New Sand

Every year, you should add more sand to the joints of the pavers. This keeps the pavers in place, and prevents them from moving. Pour the sand over the driveway. Use a broom, and sweep the sand over the pavers and into the joints. You can fill the joints all the way to the top, or halfway up the side of the pavers. This is an aesthetic choice that is completely up to you. After the sand has been swept in place, wet it down and add more sand as necessary.

Step 5 – Sealer

To maintain the color of the clay pavers, you need to add an acrylic-based sealer. After the sand has dried, apply the sealer directly to the clay, using a paintbrush. You want to put on a very fine coat, using light strokes. Let the sealer dry for at least 2 full days, and then apply a second coat.