How to Maintain a Stamped Concrete Overlay

A stamped concrete overlay, installed over an existing concrete driveway or patio, is a cost effective method of restoring the surface so it looks smooth and beautiful again. With proper maintenance, a stamped concrete overlay on any surface will last as long as the original concrete—or even longer. Learn more below about how to keep your stamped concrete overlay strong and looking like new.

Apply a Clear Sealer to a Stamped Concrete Overlay

After your concrete overlay has cured and dried for 2 weeks, you need to seal it with a clear sealing agent. For a slip-resistant texture on top, add translucent polyethylene beads to the sealant, and spread on with a low-nap paint roller. Allow the sealant to dry for 2 days before using the patio or driveway surface.

Clean Stamped Concrete Overlay

Since most concrete overlays are polymer-based, mild cleaners are important. Avoid using ammonia cleaners, as they will pit the surface and start to break it down. A degreasing dish liquid, mixed well with warm water, cleans stamped concrete overlays best. Mop the surface well and rinse it clean with cool water.

Remove Stains from Stamped Concrete Overlay

Most stamped concrete overlays resist stains well. Wipe up wine and other spills when they occur to prevent stains.