How to Maintain Clapboard Siding

Clapboard siding has long been a favorite finish for the outside of a home. Traditional clapboard is made of wood, but today we have vinyl clapboard that mimics the wood siding both in shape and woodgrain, but is easy to care for. If you have the traditional wood clapboard you will need to maintain it to retain its strength and beauty so it can protect your home.

Maintain the Paint

The paint that covers your siding is the most important part of protecting your clapboard siding from rain, snow and the heat of the sun. It acts as a protective barrier. Inspect your home regularly to make sure the paint isn't cracking, blistering or peeling. If you find damaged areas in your paint, scrape them off, then sand the edges smooth. Apply a good oil-based primer and paint the repaired area.

Keep It Clean

Give your house a good cleaning at least once a year. Use a pressure washer on a very low setting or a tank that attaches to your garden hose to wash it well. Be sure to rinse away all the soap. After this washing is the best time to check for paint maintenance issues.

Replace Split Boards

If at any time you notice split siding boards, be sure to replace or repair them immediately to keep moisture from getting underneath the siding. You can caulk the split, then paint it, or replace the entire area of board.