How to Maintain Leather Headboards

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Headboards upholstered in leather are very easy to maintain. The overall benefits of leather headboards vastly outweigh the cost of the material. Leather is a durable, long lasting material that will more than likely outlast your mattress and bed put together.

1. Protect First

If your leather headboard does not come protected with a product like ScotchGard, or other similar product, you will want to take the time to do this immediately. This protection will keep water, or other cleaning products from penetrating into the leather.

2. Monthly Cleaning

To keep your leather headboards looking new and shiny, a monthly cleaning is all you really need to do. Since the headboards are not in a high traffic area, or in a place where a lot of different foods, drinks, or other liquids are present, they will not be overly dirty.

3. No Household Cleaning Products

Can of leather cleaner

If your leather headboard is made out of real leather, it is important not to use any type of household product to clean it. Leather specific cleaners should be used. Faux leather products can be cleaned easily by wiping with a damp cloth.

4. Clean Stains Immediately

In the event something stains the leather headboard, you should clean it up immediately. Dab at the stain with a soft cloth and let the stain soak into the cloth rather than wipe it.