How to Maintain Spot Free Bathroom Fixtures

A woman looks at bathroom fixtures.

Water and soap damage is a common problem on bathroom fixtures such as faucets, sinks, and shower stalls. Water damage in particular can cause serious damage to stainless steel or polished metal bathroom fixtures, so an attractive bathroom set can easily be ruined by water and soap.

In order to prevent spots from appearing on these fixtures, manufacturers have designed some bathroom accessories from brass or brushed nickel. Unlike typical metal taps and drains, these bathroom fixtures do not stain over time. Maintaining them can be easily done.

Maintaining Stainless Steel and Chrome

Stainless steel and chrome bathroom fixtures both require large amounts of cleaning and maintenance in order to ensure that they don't become stained. Chrome in particular must be cleaned after every use with dry cleaners in order to reduce the chances of wear and tear. Stainless steel, due to the nature of the metal, will eventually become scratched and lose its shine.

Maintaining Brass and Brushed Nickel

Brass is probably the easiest to clean, as there are many products on the market designed purely to clean brass items, including bathroom fixtures. Brass will not erode with time, unlike chrome and stainless steel, but it can become tarnished if it is not treated carefully and with the right cleaners.

Brushed nickel is another popular choice for bathroom fixtures; they will not register water spots, and can be cleaned on a less frequent basis.