How to Maintain Wrought Iron Bar Stools

Row of bar stools at a bar
What You'll Need
Mild dish soap
Soft absorbent cloths
Lint-free cloths
Fabric protector
Water-repelling automobile paste wax
Fine-fiber steel wool (#000)
Anti-rust paint
Sponge paint applicators
Bar stool covers

Simple cleaning products and methods will keep your wrought iron bar stools in handsome condition. Frequent cleaning during periods of peak use, followed by a coat of high-quality automobile wax will help maintain the finish of wrought iron bar stools, and prevent rust which can weaken the frames and legs. Take note of the materials and procedures recommended to clean and protect your wrought iron bar stools, so you can enjoy their strength and good looks for decades.

Step 1 - Protect Bar Stools to Be Used Outdoors

Before setting your new wrought iron bar stools outside, spray a generous coat of Scotchgard (TM) fabric protector on the seat cushions, even those with water-repellent upholstery. The fabric protector will help prevent stains from wines and other food products. Dust off the legs and seat backs, and apply a coat of automobile wax to all the iron parts, polishing it thoroughly.

Step 2 - Cover Outdoor Wrought Iron Bar Stools

Purchase covers for your bar stools that will reach one inch from the ground, and cover the stools every night to protect them from moisture.

Step 3 - Clean and Wax Wrought Iron Bar Stools Used Indoors

Clean the metal frames with a solution of mild soap and warm water, and rinse off the soap and dirt with cool water. Wipe off all the metal parts with a dry linen lint-free cloth. Wax the metal frames with automotive paste wax once a year. Pretreat the seat upholstery fabric with fabric protector. If your bar stools have leather or vinyl upholstery, keep these materials supple by applying mink oil once a month. Let the oil dry and buff the upholstery with a soft flannel cloth or chamois.

Step 4 - Remove Rust Marks

If rust forms on your wrought iron bar stools outdoors, remove it carefully with fine #000 grade steel wool. Repaint the sanded spots with metal rust-proofing paint, using sponges to avoid brush marks, and wax with automotive paste wax.

Step 5 - Refinish Scratches

The footrests of your wrought iron bar stools will assuredly become scratched after a few years of use. These scratches can be easily refinished by sanding with fine #000 steel wool, and repainting with metal-protective paint. Apply two coats of clear polyurethane to the footrests to prevent recurring scratch damage.

Step 6 - Protect Floors and Patio Pavement from Wrought Iron Bar Stool Legs

Place protective leg caps over solid wrought iron bar stool legs, or insert flat bases into hollow bar stool legs. This will protect indoor floors from scratches and prevent the metal legs from scraping patio paving stones or concrete surfaces. The legs will be protected from wear and maintain their length, preventing the bar stools from wobbling.

With regular attention to minimizing exposure to dampness, outdoor wrought iron bar stools can serve for years, providing comfort and elegance to your patio or terrace. Wrought iron bar stools used exclusively indoors will accent your decor even longer.