How to Maintain Your Metal Fence Panels

What You'll Need
High quality metal priming paint
High quality metal rust proofing paint
Sandpaper-One hundred grit wet/dry is optimal for this purpose.
Wire brush assortment in varying sizes
Wire wheel attachment for a drill
Corded or cordless drill-Cordless is easier to handle, but will require battery changes.
Rust converter product-Rust Mort is the easiest to use and best on the market.
Metal repair product-JBWeld is very good and very easy to use and can be found at any auto parts store.

When considering maintenance items for your metal fence panels, you should remember that they need the same type of maintenance that other painted metal needs. Rust is the main enemy of anything metal, fence panels included. In the following paragraphs you will be presented with some inspection and maintenance steps that will help you get a long life and lasting beauty from your metal fence panels.

Step 1: Inspect Regularly

This is perhaps the most important maintenance step you can perform. If you live in a relatively low humidity environment with very little precipitation, once every three months will be fine. However, if you live in an area with temperature extremes and lots of rain or if you live in a snowy area with road salting, you may want to cut this down to once a month.

Step 2: Clean Regularly

Just like your car, if you want the finish on your metal fence panels to last and look great for years, you need to clean them regularly. Normally, just a quick rinse off and wipe down with a wet towel will be enough. However, if you see bird droppings, you will need to clean those with soap and water. It is recommended you use a paint safe type of soap, such as you would use for washing your car. If you live in an area that receives a large quantity of snow and road salting in the norm, you will want to at least rinse your metal fence panels once a week during winter to remove the salt spray from them and deter corrosion.

Step 3: Fix Paint Damages Immediately

If, during one of your visual inspections, you notice paint peeling, cracking or bubbling, you need to fix the problem as quickly as possible before it has a chance to spread. Using one of the wire brushes, brush off any loose or flaking paint to the metal. Remove any rust you expose with the brush. Use the primer and apply two coats. Allow that to dry and then go over with two coats of the rust proofing paint of the matching color.

Step 4: Attack the Rust

Eventually, even with proper care and maintenance, you’re going to find a large patch of rust that needs attention. When this happens, wire brush and sand the affected area down to bare metal. Apply the Rust Mort per the directions. Allow to dry and prime and then paint.

As long as you properly maintain them, your metal fence panels should give you years of privacy, protection and beauty