How to Make a Baby Crib Bedding Set

What You'll Need
Sewing machine
Measuring tape
Fabric glue

You can find baby crib bedding at any store but the prices can be high. You can save yourself money and, at the same time, customize and personalize the baby crib bedding by making it yourself. One reason you may want to make your own baby crib bedding is due to certain medical reasons like skin allergies. Making your own may be the only way you can be sure you are protecting your baby from chemicals that may be present in store bought bedding. The article that follows represents a basic instruction on making baby crib bedding.

Step 1 – Make the Patterns

A baby crib bedding set is 3 pieces: dust ruffle, bumper and quilt. They are also known as a fitted sheet, skirt and comforter. Each of these items requires a pattern despite them being relatively simple in shape. Use a measuring tape to take down the measurements of the crib you are making the set for. You want to get the thickness of the mattress as well as the length and width. These are all of the measurements you need in order to create a baby crib bedding set. Use these measurements to draw on a piece of paper a pattern for each of the elements. The dust ruffle is the size of the mattress plus twice the thickness. The bumper is the size of the mattress plus the thickness and the quilt is the size of the mattress width and length. Transfer these measurements to the paper adding an inch to each and then cut them out.

Step 2 – Cut the Fabric

Pin the paper to the fabric you picked out for the baby crib bedding. You can use any fabric that you want to but be sure it is soft and delicate to avoid skin irritation. Once the paper template is pinned to the fabric you can start to carefully cut the fabric. You want two pieces of fabric for the bumper and the quilt. You will repeat this process with the batting to be used for the center of the bumper and the quilt.

Step 3 – Sewing

Place the two pieces of bumper fabric together and sew. Repeat with the quilt. Make sure you leave one end open. At the corners of each piece of fabric cut diagonally to the thickness of the mattress. For the dust ruffle, make pleats every inch and pin, then sew along the top of the pleat. For the bumper, place elastic around the perimeter that is slightly smaller than the length, four pieces for each side. Weight the fabric down and stretch the elastic and glue to the edge. Fold the edge over and sew a hem. Repeat this for each side. Drape the sides down, pin and then sew along the line to get the form and the draping. Stuff the bumper and quilt with batting and sew the open ends. You can now add accessories, quilt lines or personalization after trimming excess fabric.