How to Make a Baby Sleeping Bag with Sleeves

What You'll Need
Sewing machine
Buttons (optional)
Measuring tape

Making a baby sleeping bag is not an overly difficult task and it can be made according to one’s tastes and at a much lower cost than buying it ready-made. The baby sleeping bag has increased in popularity over the years since it is a practical way of making sure the baby is warm throughout the night as there are no problems of the blankets falling off and leaving him uncovered. Apart from this advantage a baby sleeping bag with sleeves has the benefit of being more practical as you can detach the sleeves easily if you wish.

Step 1 - Acquire the Materials Needed

You need to acquire all the materials listed above. Special attention has to be put on the type of fabric to select for the baby sleeping bag. Cotton and merino wool are among the most common materials, however muslin and synthetic fivers are also used by some. The main aspect to keep in mind is to choose a material that keeps your baby warm but that it does not overheat the child. It basically depends on the general climatic conditions. Once you decide on the material, purchase one in a color and pattern which suits your tastes and which can match with the nursery’s color scheme. Purchase enough material to allow for any alterations.

Step 2 - Take the Necessary Measurements

In the case of a baby sleeping bag it is crucial to sew it up in the right size. You definitely do not want it to be too large as it could cause the baby to slide down and be in danger of suffocation. So, it is best to use one of your child’s baby-grows to help you as a guideline of the length especially.

Step 3 - Cut the Fabric

Start cutting the fabric accordingly, keeping in mind to add some extra inches on each side for hems, folds and other allowances. Cut it in a rectangular shape according to the length and width you need, and then fold it in half and cut a semicircular outline at the top to make the neck opening. Cut out the 2 sleeves on a fold. The front part of the sleeping bag has to be cut in half so as to sew up the zipper.

Step 4 - Pin and Sew the Zipper

Pin the zipper to the edges of the front part. Then sew up the zipper with your sewing machine. Pin 2 small zippers around the edges of each of the sleeves. Then, sew them up as well. You may also opt to use buttons.

Step 5 - Pin and Sew the Two Sides Together

Pin the front and back part of the sleeping bag together. Sew them up, while leaving room for the baby’s arms to come through.

Your baby sleeping bag is now ready. Try it out by placing the baby inside it. You can attach or detach the sleeves depending on your wishes and the temperature.