How to Make a Bag for Your Lawn Mower

A red-headed boy mowing the lawn with a bagged push mower.
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-50
What You'll Need
Cotton yard gloves
Large heavy paper or plastic yard waste bag
Heavy-duty duct tape
What You'll Need
Cotton yard gloves
Large heavy paper or plastic yard waste bag
Heavy-duty duct tape

Using a lawn mower bag will prevent you from having to expend time and energy on raking and bagging yard waste such as lawn shavings, leaves, and small twigs every time you mow. Also, even if you have a mower with a bag already attached, they can wear out with use, and buying replacements can be frustrating and expensive. Here are tips about how to make your own inexpensive, reusable, and detachable lawn mower bag.

Step 1 - Bring Your Bag-making Materials to the Lawn Mower

Shut off the lawn mower first. Then, put on your yard gloves, open up the bag you want to attach to the lawn mower, and set the duct tape on top of the lawn mower, or on the seat if it is a riding model.

Step 2 - Fit the Bag onto the Lawn Mower's Clippings Discharge

pushing a mower through the lawn

The discharge slot for lawn clippings is a small rectangular hole on the right-hand side of the mower engine, near the rear wheels. Fit one side of the open top of the bag over the bottom edge of the discharge opening, and secure it with a few strips of duct tape. Fold the bag around the side and top of the discharge slot and fasten it down with a few more strips of duct tape. Make sure to avoid using cheap tape for this. Spend a little extra and save yourself some trouble in the long run.

Step 3 - Raise the Bag off the Ground and Secure it

Pick up the lawn mower bag, and attach the top to the support brace between the two arms of the lawn mower handle. Wrap the bag handle around it if you are using a plastic bag. Slice a paper bag at the vertical fold and wrap the two sections around the support brace. Wind duct tape all the way around the support brace to secure the bag there. The bag should now look like a triangle with the closed end as the triangle's apex.

On a riding mower, fasten the open bag top to the back or underside of the riding seat with duct tape. Be careful when dismounting so you do not dislodge it.

Step 4 - Start the Lawn Mower and Get Bagging

Start the lawn mower and test the bag fastening with one pass of the lawn mower. If it loosens or comes detached, adjust and secure it. When it is snugly attached, carry on with the lawn mowing. If you continue to have a problem with the duct tape you've used maintaining its hold, get something more heavy-duty to improve the bond.

Step 5 - Empty the Bag When it is Full

If you have a small lawn, you may not fill the lawn mower bag the first time you use it. In this case, leave it attached until it is full. When it has reached capacity, you can remove it, and empty the lawn clippings into a compost bin, pile, or other container. If the bag is still in good condition, go ahead and reattach it, and use it next time you mow. Otherwise, discard it and make a new one for your next mowing job. Fortunately, because these materials are cheap, and this process is quick, replacing the bag isn't much of a hassle.

This DIY lawn mower bag will save you plenty of time and help you get your yard waste to the compost quickly and neatly. You can then relax and enjoy the rest of your evening or weekend without icing your back from raking.