How to Make a Baseball Shadow Box

What You'll Need
Shadow box or thick wood and large piece of plywood
Wooden blocks
Foam blocks
Adhesive glue
Poster or large picture
Baseball memorabilia

A baseball shadow box is typically a 3D snapshot picture of a popular baseball hero or team. A baseball shadow box can also be made to display a particular family member’s achievements in little league games or college baseball.  A shadow box can be described as a scrapbook in a picture frame as it incorporates objects and other memorabilia in a three-dimensional display. Making a baseball shadow box is an easy and enjoyable task and can be a perfect gift for any baseball fan.

Step 1 – Memorabilia

Collect together all baseball memorabilia, like ticket stubs, trophies, programs and caps. If the shadow box is being dedicated to a particular baseball player or team, then this can include trinkets like jerseys, caps, autographed balls, newspaper clippings or cards. Baseball themes can include autographed baseballs, baseball bats or even the teams caps, all accompanied with a picture of the player or team. For a personal touch, you can add little league trophies and shirts can be added.

Step 2 – Shadow Box

Purchase a shadow box that is big enough to hold all the baseball memorabilia. Shadow boxes can be purchased from hardware stores or made. A standard large cardboard box can be used as the base for tabletop shadow box or for a sturdier display unit, use thick wood to make the frame and then attach the frame to a thin piece of plywood as this will be the backing. The wood will need to be about one inch thick and can either be joined together with joining methods or nailed together, before being attached to the backing wood.

Step 3 – Background

The background for a baseball shadow box can be a picture or poster of a famous player or team or even a poster of the stadium.  If a poster is not available then the background can be painted or covered in a fabric of any color that will enhance the contents of the box.

Step 4 – Layout

Place the baseball memorabilia into the shadow box. Try to create a layered look by placing items on different levels using painted wooden blocks or foam blocks.  Shelves can be added to the inside of the box in order to display smaller items. If the items are to remain in the box permanently, use a strong adhesive glue to hold them in place securely.

Step 5 – Finishing touches

If there are any smaller items such as medals or baseball cards, these can be hung inside the box. Other embellishments such as baseball themed key rings can also be hung in the shadow box.  Once the baseball shadow box is complete, it is then ready to be carefully moved to its location where it can be viewed.