How to Make a Beadboard Bed Frame

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  • 4-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 300-600
What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Safety glasses
Mattress set measurements
Wood glue
Heavy duty screws
Electric screwdriver
Nail gun or one inch finishing nails

Building your own beadboard bed frame can create a shabby chic look that you can design an entire bedroom around. An airy, light guest bedroom with white furniture and gauzy curtains would really suit this type of bed design. By readying the proper materials, getting out the necessary tools and following instructions, you can build a basic box bed yourself.

Step 1 – Determine the Size

The first step in building your own bed frame is to determine the size of bed you desire. Think about the size of the room it will be in and how much bedding and a mattress will set you back (the price goes up by size).

Step 2 – Measure a Mattress Set

You’ll first need your mattress set. Get the dimensions of your set to build the frame by. No matter the size you go with, you’ll need two side boards and two end boards.

Step 3 – Choose your Wood

You can build the bed from plain pine. Later, you can affix beadboard to the pine after cutting it to size.

Step 4 – Cut

The outer measurements of the box should be just a tad smaller than the mattress so that you aren’t hitting your legs on the side of the bed when getting out of it. Cut the end pieces to fit in between the side pieces so that they can be clamped.

Step 5 – Glue

Use wood glue to secure the cut pieces together. Use clamps to hold them in place.

Step 6 – Screw

Wait for the glue to dry as indicated by the manufacturer. Use heavy duty screws to secure each end of the box.

Step 7 – Support Beams

Install support beams with screws within the box.

Step 8 – Measure for the Beadboard Headboard

Measure the width of your bed and measure from the floor to determine the height of your headboard. Typically, headboards are three feet higher than the bed. Take the measurements to the building store and have them cut the beadboard to your measurements. Have them cut two 2x4 pieces to the width of your beadboard, three 2x4 pieces cut to the height (minus double the width of the 2x4).

Step 9 – Assemble the Cut Pieces

Using the 2 by 4 cut pieces, assemble the cut pieces into a rectangle or square (whatever the fit to your bed comes to). Lay down the top and bottom pieces first. Fit one 2x4 on each side and in the middle. Pre-drill holes through the corners of the frame for the long wood screws you’ll use to attach the pieces together.

Step 10 – Attach the Beadboard

Lay the beadboard sheet on top of the frame. Line the edges up and use a nail gun or 1 inch finishing nails to attach the beadboard to the frame. You can even use a strong adhesive.

Step 11 – Fill the Gaps

Run a bead of wood filler along the edge of the frame where the 2x4 pieces meet the beadboard. Smooth it into place with your finger and then let it dry.

Step 12 – Paint

If your beadboard wasn’t pre-primed, prime it before painting. After the primer is dry, use semi-gloss latex paint in the color of your choice to paint the headboard. Two coats are likely best. You can paint the bed frame you’ve constructed at the same time. When it is dry, attach the headboard to your bed frame.